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BoulderZávody (15.06)
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SP v boulderingu Villars, SUI (05.07)

6.Jeliga 11478
7.Vlk 11278
8.Lautner 11244
6.Břicháček 10750
7.Skála 10575
8.Jedlička 10575
19.Podškubka 2658
20.Nehasil 2588
21.Chomová 2534

SP v boulderingu Wujiang (CHN) (04.05)
SP v boulderingu Chongqing (CHN) (27.04)
SP v boulderingu Moskva (13.04)

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Adam's new hard route

Moravian Karst

smallAdam Ondra sent his old project in Moravian Karst and established a new grade in UIAA.

The route has a name Vasil Vasil, 12 and is situated in Sloup, Moravian Karst, (Czech republic).

Adam said :  It was long term project consisting of short - two bolts "tenth"  start with a decent rest afterwards and than three moves boulder problem graded 8B+ (one move 8B) and easier finish.

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra, Vasil Vasil 12,
Staré skály - Sloup, Moravský kras (5/2012)

photo by © Vojtěch Vrzba (www.climb4fun.cz)

Here you can find another pictures from that route taken last year climb4fun.cz.


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