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 English Garden near Tissa29.07.2013
Hi all,
I hired a guide to take us climbing in the 'English Garden' (Anglicka jahrada?) near Tissa. Sadly, he did not have a guidebook for the area and I'm looking for an online description (possibly with photographs) of the routes we climbed. A Ge

 looking for climber30.06.2013
Hi there,

I have just moved to Prague... looking for somebody who is willing to climb and have no partner to do it... preferably in the nature, e.g. Srbsko... or any other sector near Prague. my level - about 6a.

 Re: looking for climber05.08.2013
Hi! I'm looking for a climbing partmner for the upcoming weeks! Free to climb? Give me a sign!

  climbing event at Mammut Centre, Prague14.05.2013

there will be an event organised at Mammut Climbing Centre in Prague 7 on 9th of June. They promise it'll be fun for the beginners in climbing and more experienced ones. Is here anybody who is interesed to join? Please have a quick

 Looking for climbing partner in Zlin04.04.2013
Hi there. 
I have recently moved the Czech Republic and am looking for an indoor climbing partner to climb with in Zlin.  I am 29, male, around 65kg, climbing 6/6+.  I am very comfortable with top rope climbing and am starting to le

 Looking for climbing buddy20.03.2013
Hi everybody, i'm visiting Prague, i'm staying until april 15th, i'm looking for a climbing partner for train in a climbing wall, maybe in the mammut lezecke centrum or lezecké centrum tendon smíchoff, i have low level, 6a, maybe 6b, i speek a little bit

 mic.demarco climb01.11.2012
Hi, I am looking for a climbing buddy for 3/11/2012.  I am from malta and have just moved to brno and would like to climb some rocks or even indoor climbing with ropes.  I can climb up to 6c more or less.  I have only the harness and some s

 Short Documentary Project25.10.2012
Important Notice To All Climbers In Czech Republic.

Hello, Dobry Den! My Name Is Lourenço Sassetti. I Am A Portuguese Film Directing Student At Famu And My Next Project Is A 10 Min. Documentary Portrait. It Will Involve Following A Person F

 grade system25.10.2012
hi could some one please explain to me the  grading system on this website, slightly confused coming from a uk trad system many thanks

 Libor Kozak - Everest 200728.09.2012

I am a mountaineer from the Philippines who Summited Mt. Everest in 2007. I was in an international team together with a Czech climber named Libor Kozak. Unfortunately, Libor did not make it and passed away on his summit attempt. I have
 Re: Libor Kozak - Everest 200702.10.2012
Dear Pablo,

I am Libor's good friend, we were born the same day, studied at the same

 Guide and gear?25.09.2012
Hi im going to Prague next week with my girlfriend and we thought we would try the climbing nearby, but we arent bringing any gear, except friction shoes.
So what we would like to know is if its possible to tag along for a daytrip with anyone, duri
 Re: Guide and gear?01.10.2012 "Branické skály"

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 English Garden near Tissa
Hi all,
I hired a guide to take us climbing in the 'English Garden' (Anglicka jahrada?) near Tissa. Sadly, he did not have a guidebook for the area and I'm looking for an online description (possibly with photographs) of the routes we climbed. A German version would be great also, as I don't speak Czech. Does anyone know where to find this information?
Many thanks,
Brita Terpe18:38:56 29.07.2013

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