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 Climbing around Brno17.05.2007
I was hoping someone would be able to give me some locations of indoor climbing centres and some outdoors areas aswell.
 Re: Climbing around Brno29.05.2007
there are some indoor climbing walls in Brno (like Rajce, Weissersport centrum, VUT bo

 Crags in the South west11.05.2007

somebody could recommend me some crags in the south west of czechia, near Krumalov, Visiy Brod or Cesky Budejovice?

Would be appreciated.


 bus to petrohrad?08.05.2007
any help on bus or train schedules to petrohrad?  will be in prague for 2 weeks and hoping to get at least a day of climbing in.  any help greatly appreciated!
 Re: bus to petrohrad?12.05.2007
I am interested in this subject also. I didn't search for a bus yet, however I think it might be an
 Re: bus to petrohrad?14.05.2007
Hi Rocky. The best of timetable portal for (all) Czech republic traveling is IDOS ( http://tinyurl.c

 petrohrad compeition 200730.04.2007
can anybody tell me when the Petrohrad 2007 bouldering compition-festival is. i can not find any information on the internet in english. is there a web site with information as a groupe of us would love too come from ireland. thanks you.

 Re: petrohrad compeition 200702.05.2007

Yes, we will have a short article about it up soon on I beli

 chalet near Sbrsko17.04.2007
Since last year we are visiting Sbrsko as or main climbing area.Last year we stayed at the campsite near Karlstejn. Does anyone have a link to this campsite, a phonenumber or anything that would help us to make a reservation. On the other site of the bero
 Re: chalet near Sbrsko18.04.2007
Hi Cil,

I dont know much about camping here in Czech in official camps since I am usu

 Looking for Roomates11.04.2007
Hi, I' m french, and i will go to prague in september.
I'm studying physical éducation and sport, and I'm looking for an appartment with several climbers (or not).
Let me know, thanks

 Straceny Polar Hannah10.04.2007
Ahoj lezece z czeska a slovenska.
Prvni duben ja sem zapominal polarowa bunde. To je tmavo modry polar Hannah. To bylo na skalach w Priedhorie na Slovensku. Ja sem tam byl pondelek 9 duben i go ne bylo. Prosim moc jak go kdo nalezal tedy prosim psa

 Looking for people08.04.2007
Hi, I have just moved in to Prague. I am looking for people who are bouldering around Prague. If possible I'd love to join you sometime and get to know good bouldering sites.
 Re: Looking for people09.04.2007
call me: 776 760238, we can work something out...

 cours for caoch of climbing27.03.2007
I want to ask, if in your country is a possibility to do a cours: coach of climbing (not: instructor of climbing)? Could You give me this information? I come from Poland, I have been climbing for 12 years. Nowdays I'm doing a cours of climbing

 Climbing Partner08.03.2007

I have moved to Prague and looking for people to go climbing with. I am 29 years old and just moved from Freiburg, Germany. If you are interested drop me a line ( or call me at 774145467


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 Climbing around Brno
I was hoping someone would be able to give me some locations of indoor climbing centres and some outdoors areas aswell.
bacon-dread21:13:27 17.05.2007
 Re: Climbing around Brno
there are some indoor climbing walls in Brno (like Rajce, Weissersport centrum, VUT bouldering wall..., you can read details here in in left column - menu INDOORS).
Outdoor areas near Brno: Moravsky kras (Moravian carst - large limeston area with many sport routes - the best crags are Sloup, Rudice, Holstejn - guides are here in section GUIDES), Moravske piskovce (Moravian sandstones - couple of small sandstone crags and towers but very nice, about 50 km from Brno).
The best guide is "Moravske skaly" (Vladimir Skypala, Vladimir Wolf, 2002, about 200 Kc, include Moravian karst, Palava, Moravian sandstones and some other areas. You can buy it in every outdoor shop in Brno). You can find some online guides here or on a webpage rocks.php3?parent =3,2,1 (delete two spaces).
If you have some more questions write me an email.
Enjoy moravian climbing!

Kuba Plsek
kuba10:31:12 29.05.2007

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