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 hostel in Petrohrad18.03.2006
hi, i'm from Germany and want to travel with some members of my youth group to Petrohrad on 8th of Avril for one week. But i'm not glad about travelling with 5 youths without having a "safe place" to sleep and all camping sizes i've found in the
 Re: hostel in Petrohrad31.03.2006

I guess for you would be a good choice to find a chalet for all of you.
I s

 Need info on Slovakia Tatras13.03.2006
If anyone knows any web sites, guides books, where to buy guide books (prague?). best area  for sport/trad climibng in the tatras. places to camp. Basicly any info you have on climbing in the Tatras.
 Re: Need info on Slovakia Tatras31.03.2006
Look e.g. at
In Prague you can buy it e.g. in range of climbing equi

 Climbing In Indian Himalaya26.02.2006
Here is what we are doing this July and August!!!

Himachal Pradesh Expedition 2006


1-    MANIRANG 6593M

2-    SAPONANG 5836M


 sleeping bags13.02.2006
can you lease give me an advice about sleeping bags? Which one is the best for winter conditions...Rockempire Extrem, Rockempire polar, Treksport trekker down or Bigpack Logan extreme...or Prima trek??? I can not decide because I have no experience with C
 Re: sleeping bags14.02.2006
I have only experience with Rockempire Polar. I bought it as all round year sleeping bag. It is much

 bouldering in czechia24.01.2006
im going to czech republic (north moravia, east & west bohemia)for a month in april, where can i find good bouldering areas and information about them? i will also do some easy climbing
 Re: bouldering in czechia24.01.2006
The best new area in west Bohemia is Petrohrad, search here in for beta. In Morava
  Re: bouldering in czechia10.02.2006
Hi there

Can you help, I am looking to get started in rock climbing/Mountain Climbing
   Re: bouldering in czechia14.02.2006
Hi Alex, it is now probably the best to join some Prague climbing gym. I can recommend Ruzyne. Look

 Book to buy17.01.2006
Hi, I´m looking for the book yosemite climbers, can you give me some advice where I could buy it?
Thanks a lot, Martin
 Re: Book to buy24.01.2006
Which one? In what language? Try google, or?

 bouldering on Petrin Hill11.11.2005
Does anyone know if this is legal? Are there established routes? Are there any other areas in the city? Anybody looking for a weekday climbing partner?
 Re: bouldering on Petrin Hill30.11.2005
Hi Cory,

I guess it may be technically illegal, but I have been there several times a
  Re: bouldering on Petrin Hill03.12.2005
yes, Andy is right. I have climbed there for 20 years and have not noticed any regulation. Only some

 Cho Oyu Expedition 200628.09.2005

We have fixed departure trip to Cho Oyu Expedition spring/autumn 2006. Interest climbing can be join with our group and climb Cho Oyu 2006. more info. please write us mail or visit our home page. You will know all infomation as you w
 Re: Cho Oyu Expedition 200605.02.2006
Hallo from Austria.
In autum 2006 I want to climb on Cho Oyu from Tibet.Please send me all in
  Re: Cho Oyu Expedition 200606.02.2006
Dear Climber,
Namaste ! namaste means local greetings from Nepal.

thanks for y
  Re: Cho Oyu Expedition 200608.02.2006
Dear Cho Oyu climber,

Please send me your full address with e-mail and I will send y

 Partner for Oct 1-222.09.2005
Hi, I'm going to be in Prague this Sunday and would love to find someone who wants to go climbing in one of the Sandstone tower areas the first weekend of October.  Or if someone can recommend a place I could go and maybe find partners or good boulde

 climbing holds06.09.2005
I plan to build a private boulder room. Are there any sources for cheap and high quality climbing holds?
 Re: climbing holds11.11.2005
Years ago when I built my first wall I built a variety of wooden holds for my wall. Wit
 Re: climbing holds26.02.2006
try this:

<<<   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   >>>  comments
 hostel in Petrohrad
hi, i'm from Germany and want to travel with some members of my youth group to Petrohrad on 8th of Avril for one week. But i'm not glad about travelling with 5 youths without having a "safe place" to sleep and all camping sizes i've found in the internet are closed at this time.
Are there any pensions or hotels (up to 250czk)which you can recommend me for staying?
For the worst case: What about wildcamping. I heard it is legal, but are there any possibilities to get water? at the curchyard for example?
Are there any other things we have to remark?
If you have any suggestians please mail to klettermatze at!
Thanks a lot for your help
klettermatze17:35:12 18.03.2006
 Re: hostel in Petrohrad

I guess for you would be a good choice to find a chalet for all of you.
I saw some nearby at Internet and they wanted reasonable price for a week, which
would meet your expectation.

In Jesenice (closest town) is a hotel but they charge you for 50 Euro each person
and night. Despite that the hotel is nice, I wouldn't suggest to go there due to
costs too.
this one is much cheaper has 2 and 4 persons rooms 400/a person breakfast included
maybe due to off season could be even cheaper

I have found also a whole chalet for 450 (for 6 people) a day.

To put it in other words there are plenty of possibilities if you would be more
detailed I can arrange some detailed information.
 jirkas21:41:14 31.03.2006

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